Juan Manuel Bermúdez-García – Naukas Pro 2019: Solids as refrigerants

Around 20% of world energy consumption is dedicated to refrigeration. The impact of this consumption on climate change is not small, in addition the gases used are greenhouse gases, flammable and toxic. The group led by Juan Manuel Bermúdez-García, from the University of Coruña, has developed a low-pressure gas technology with zero emissions. In this session of Naukas Pro 2019 he exposes the fundamentals of his work that would allow, for example, to cool entire buildings thanks to the pressure that their tenants exert on the ground when they walk. It all starts with the mechanism of a jug …

More information about this technology in The new way of cooling that will change everything by Deborah García Bello.

Edition by César Tomé López of materials supplied by eitb.eus

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