Ultraviolet Catastrophe # 31 SIBERIA

"I should not continue in this world." Thus begins our new adventure: on the brink of death.
We travel to Siberia to get cold and learn about an ethnography project that has been developed for more than a decade. And we do it hand in hand with the physicist Miguel Ángel Julián, a lover of the polar regions.

Thanks: Miguel Ángel Julián and Agustín Amaro.

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** Ultraviolet catastrophe is a project carried out by Javier Peláez (@Irreductible) and Antonio Martínez Ron (@aberron) for PODIUM PODCAST with the partial sponsorship of the Chair of Scientific Culture of the University of the Basque Country and the Euskampus Foundation. The edition, music and setting are the work of Javi Álvarez and have been expressly composed for each chapter

The article Ultraviolet Catastrophe # 31 SIBERIA has been written in Cuaderno de Cultura Científica .

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