Uri Geller story

There are people who are capable of doing extraordinary things. Among them, for example, are the elite athletes, who are capable of performing feats impossible for the rest of the mortals. But we also come across others who do seemingly impossible things that escape our understanding.

One of them is Uri Geller . An illusionist who became famous a few decades ago because he bent spoons with the supposed power of his mind. Yes, Uri went to different television shows doing his number of the spoons. But … did he really have mental powers to do such a thing?

The videos of Histories of Science present brief and entertaining passages of our scientific and technological history. The videos, made for the Chair of Scientific Culture of the UPV / EHU are premiered in the science program Órbita Laika ( @orbitalaika_tve ), Mondays at 22:00 on RTVE 2 .

The article Historia de Uri Geller has been written in Cuaderno de Cultura Científica .

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